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AI-Powered Reports

All you need to do is provide concise bullet points and watch as our advanced AI transforms them into comprehensive, professional written reports.

Unmatched Efficiency

Save valuable time with our streamlined report-writing process, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - your evenings & weekends students.

Easy Customisation

Tailor each report to your liking, ensuring a personalised touch that reflects your unique insights, curricular objectives and teaching style.

Bulk Operations

Save time by importing students in bulk and exporting reports in PDF format for quick and easy distribution.

Consistent Quality

Enjoy consistent high-quality reports that reflect your expertise and dedication to student success.

Group Organisation

Organise your students into groups to track the progress of your reports.


Ivy's Report

(She/Her) - Year 6

What Our Customers Say

These are the best reports that I've read in my entire teaching career!

Head Teacher, UK

ReportPoint saved me so much time! No more proof reading and each report is still personalised to my students.

Class Teacher, UK

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How it Works

Create Groups & Students

Step 1

Begin by creating customised groups within ReportPoint. Easily add students to these groups either manually or through our efficient bulk upload feature. Organise your groups based on criteria that matter most to you - be it performance, learning style, mixed year groups, or any other key factors.

Bullet Point Your Insights

Step 2

With your groups set up, it's time to provide the AI with the key insights it needs. Input brief bullet points for each student, outlining their achievements, challenges, and progress in a given subject.

AI Processing

Step 3

Watch as our advanced AI engine processes your input, transforming your bullet points into detailed and comprehensive reports. The AI's adaptive learning ensures that each report is uniquely tailored to capture the essence of each student.

Review and Refine

Step 4

Your reports are ready for your expert touch. Review each one, refine the content if needed, and fine-tune the language to align with your personal style. Here you can work with the AI to alter your points and regenerate the report to suit your needs.

Download Your Reports

Step 5

Now you can download your individual reports as PDFs with a simple click. Need to download in bulk? No problem. Utilise the bulk download feature to save time and ensure you have all your grouped reports neatly organised and ready for distribution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ReportPoint?

ReportPoint is an innovative AI-powered application created specifically for school teachers.

It streamlines the often tedious process of writing student reports by seamlessly transforming concise bullet points into comprehensive reports.

How does it work?

Teachers simply input succinct bullet points for each student and subject.

ReportPoint analyses this input and generates a comprehensive report tailored to the students progess.

How will ReportPoint save me time?

ReportPoint is a time-saving powerhouse, eliminating the manual effort and hours traditionally spent on writing and refining student reports.

Our application empowers you to swiftly convert short bullet points into complete reports, enabling you to devote more time to the joys of relaxing teaching and less to administrative tasks.

What are Credits?

A single credit is used each time you generate a report paragraph from bullet points.

For example, if you were writing reports for 4 subjects and 25 students, you'd require 100 credits.

Click here to see an example that would cost 1 credit.

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